Security Grilles

We supply and install Trellidor security Grilles

Trellidor security grilles have kept people and premises safe for over 30 years. We Supply premium quality security grilles and burglar guards in a variety of designs to suit different risk profiles. Our barriers are custom-made for strength integrity, and carry unmatched guarantees. We tailor-make solutions to protect architectural features or embellishments.

Physical security barriers on doors and windows are one of the most effective ways of keeping people safe at home and work. But you need to be absolutely sure that the security gates and burglar guards you purchase can be relied upon to do their job. Trellidor has manufactured security solutions since 1976, and is a market leader in product innovation, manufacturing and customer service. Our security barrier range caters for all levels of risk profile, and is custom made for every application to ensure strength integrity.

Design options include retractable security gates for external doors and patios, fixed barriers for windows and large expanses of glass and sliding security for windows. Your choice of product from our range will be influenced by a number of factors including the location of the premises and the accessibility of the doors and windows. Our security consultants are trained to recommend the correct mix of barriers for your circumstances.

Trellidor Locking System

Many break-ins occur through the lock area, which is attacked with a variety of tools by criminals. Trellidor has developed and patented two security gate lock systems that out-perform any other sliding security products on the market. Each has unique features and the choice of lock will depend on individual needs.

The product range caters for all security profiles, from low to very high risk environments. The range includes the standard Trellidor, Trellidor Plus and Trellidor Trojan.

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