Wireless Alarm Systems

Nothing is more important than protecting your home, family or business whilst you are away

Southwest locksmiths offer wireless security systems which help protect what is important to you with the minimum of intrusion into your everyday life.

Our wireless security systems are easily installed and as unobtrusive as possible.

We are able to offer Wireless Sensors and Alarms, CO2 sensors, Smoke Detectors, Flood Detectors and Remote Control Pads. All linked wirelessly, without any need for ugly wires or redecoration.

We can even incorporate IP security cameras and allow you to receive notifications and view you cameras on any internet enabled device, such as your smart phone or tablet. So, even if you are away on holiday and have forgotten to arm the alarm system, you simply connect via the internet and solve the problem.

We can even include home automation devices into your system. Forgotten to set the heating? You’ll never need to come home to a cold house again, you can remotely control heating lighting and many key appliances from your mobile phone or work PC.